Vitrobond® Solvent Adhesive

Vitrochem’s range of solvent based contact adhesives utilise polycholorprene rubber as its main raw mateiral composition.  These versatile adhesives are easy to apply that will provides strong adhesion to flat surfaces contact regardless of materials (except for certain plastic substrates) being used and it will yield high peel strength when it is fully cured. It can be applied by brushing, trowel or spraying method to achieve thickness optimisation and bonding strength. Our contact adhesives have adopted by the underground tunnelling sectors (Singapore & Malaysia MRT projects) for bonding of EPDM rubber gasket to concrete segments due to its high peel and pull strength when bonded. These indispensable adhesives are the daily requirements for the metal fabricators, woodworking, construction industry that can safely depend on for the holding and bonding of their substrates together.

  • Solvent Based Adhesive

    Vitro bond

    Product Description Property Application Colour, Viscosity
    HM 105 GPC
    Contact Adhesive
    • LED Potting
    • Doming
    • RFID Tags Potting
    • Rubber Gasket Bonding
    • Woodworking
    • Panel lamination
    HM 969G
    Contact Adhesive
    • Sprayable
    • Low viscosity
    • Fast setting
    • Thin glue line
    • Resistance to water, oils and greases
    • Large panel bonding
    • Formica bonding
    HM 212 CTA
    Ceramic Tile Adhesive
    • Non sagging
    • Fast curing
    • Good ageing resistance
    • High strength
    • Tiles & Ceramic Bonding
    White Paste
    Vitrobond 232 Plastic Adhesive
    • Clear adhesive
    • Fast curing
    • Good water, oils and detergent resistance
    • Bonds vinyl and rubber foam
    • Bonds to plastic and PVC

*Vitrobond HM 105GPC is an approved adhesive for use with Datwyler Tunnel Gasket since year 2000.