Vitrochem Technology has been in the forefront of developing a wide variety of high quality electronic grade epoxy resins and good mix of adhesive systems targeting specifically at the electronic & electrical and the manufacturing OEMs in the South East Asia region.

We have over the years researched and co-developed with our customers a broad base of adhesive systems that are being adopted by the manufacturing industries for the purpose of enhancing and value adding the customers’ final products that far exceeding the traditional way of assembling parts especially in the area of bonding, sealing, encapsulation and coating applications.

Our technologically advanced potting and encapsulation materials have been consistently being selected by the designers and manufacturing engineers as their preferred materials due to our ability to custom build products that suit specifically to their stringent requirements. Our potting compounds are used primarily in the RFID tags & readers potting, glob top encapsulation, electronic components insulation potting, LED encapsulation, Solar J-Box encapsulation and many more potting applications that require good electrical and thermal insulation.

Our Products Range include: