Timtronics® Electrical Conductive Compounds

Timtronics produces a range of electrically conductive pastes, greases and adhesives for the manufacturing and electronic industries. The high quality electrical conductive compounds have excellent electrical conductivity that can be applied for PCB trace connection, electrical joint connectivity and many more applications that require electrical connectivity.

  • Electrically Conductive

    Electrically conductive adhesives are designed with pure silver and resin and are typically used for microelectronic applications. All products feature very high purity, low ionic content, wide operating temperature range and excellent electrical conductivity even after exposure of 1000 hours at 150°C.





    Typical Applications :

    Die-attach, chip bonding, cold soldering and other micro electronics bonding applications.

    Property 897M-2 830M-1
    Thermal Conductivity W/mºK 1.5 2.7
    Type/Cure One Part-Heat Cure Two Part-RT Cure
    Pot life(100grams) ½ hr @ 80°C 1hr @ 25°C
    Cure Schedule 1 hr @ 100°C 48 hrs @ 25°C
    Shelf life 4 months @ 0°C 1 Year @25°C
    Volume Resistivity  Ohm-cm 0.0004 0.002
    Max. Service Temperature ºC 140 140
  • Electrically Conductive Compounds-Black Ice & Sliver Ice (700 Series)





    Black Ice 700 series are electrically and thermally conductive greases engineered with highly conductive fillers and silicone/non silicone fluids. Excellent wetting and spreadability with screen printable consistency. The 700 series is ideal for low power applications that require static drain, grounding, and soft electronics connection. High thermal conductivity ratings up to 7 W/mºK are readily available.

    Typical Applications:

    High power electrical applications, Power switches, Circuit breakers, Grounding semiconductor components and high power CPU to heat sink.

    Most Popular Products:

    Silver Ice 710 & 710NS: Pure silver fortified thermal greases, non curable system. Thermal conductivity of 7 W/mºK. Direct replacement of “Arctic Silver” products. Recommend for high heat flux & thin film applications.
    Black Ice 711: Low cost solutions for electrical contact applications.

    Property Silver Ice 710 Silver Ice 710NS 711 712
    Type Non Silicone Non Silicone Non Silicone   Silicone
    Thermal Conductivity W/m °K 7.0 7.0 2.2 2.2
    Thermal Resistance °C-In²/W 0.01 0.01 0.02 0.02
    Dielectric Constant @1KHz N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Volume Resistivity Ohm-cm <0.01 <0.01 <25 <25
    Operating Temperature Ranges,  °C -55 to 200 -55 to 200 -55 to 200 -55 to 200
  • Electrical Joint Compounds - EJC





    TIM-Electrical Joint Compounds (EJC) is specially formulated with latest technology to prevent oxide film formation on metal surfaces and prevents corrosion. It offers superior weathering characteristics over wide temperature ranges, and provides highly conductive tight joints. Proprietary filler particles help in penetrating oxide films and act as electrical bridges between conductor strands, aid in gripping conductor, improve electrical conductivity and enhance integrity of the connection.

    Surface contamination, especially surface oxide, must be expected on all conductors, these surface oxide films are insulators and must be broken down to achieve the metal-to-metal contact required for efficient electrical connections. Aluminum oxide, in particular, forms very rapidly; therefore, aluminum conductors must be thoroughly cleaned by use of an emery cloth prior to making the connection, In addition to cleaning, surface should be covered with joint compound to exclude moisture, thus preventing the oxide from reforming

    EJC Compounds:

    EJC 744:
     Gritted electrical joint compound is recommended for all aluminum and copper compression connections. It is not recommended as lubricant on threaded fittings.

    EJC 745NS: Non-gritted Non-Silicone electrical joint compound recommended for No-Drip application for aluminum and copper connectors.

    EJC 745SL: Non-gritted Silicone electrical joint compound recommended for rigid bus connection, bolted flat-pad connection between aluminum and aluminum and copper applications.


    Property EJC 744 EJC 745NS EJC745SL
    Type Non-Silicone Non-Silicone Silicone
    Color Gray Gray Gray
    Fillers Gritted Non-Gritted Non-Gritted
    Service Temperature Range °C -40 to 150 -40 to 150 -55 to 200
    Thermal Conductivity, W/m°k 0.5 0.8 1.0