Mightyloc 9025

Mighyloc 9025 is a 2 part methacrylate, fast set and fast cure adhesive developed for  the purpose of bonding metal to metal with very high shear strength exceeding 100 Kgf/cm2.  This structural adhesive has bonding strength that is equal or far higher than most conventional epoxy or tack welding with good thermal resistance and shock and impact dampening properties. It is one adhesive that is preferred by the metal fabricator, speakers manufacturing, E-Core transformer, construction, marine, signage and related industries that need structural bonding for metal substrates in the shortest possible setting and curing time. It is suitable for stainless steel, galvanised metal, treated aluminum, brass, copper, most metals, fiberglass and some composite substrates.

  • Mightyloc

    Item Type Mix Ratio Mixed Viscosity Gel Time Fixture Time Full Cure Strength
    Mightyloc 9025 Methacrylate 1:1 3000 – 5000 cps 3-5 Minutes 15 Minutes 12-24 Hours >100Kgf/cm2



Tested By TUV/PSB Singapore for Adhesion Strength.