Filtration Applications

Epic Resins designs and manufactures epoxy resin and polyurethane products for the filtration market that can withstand extremely harsh chemical exposures as well as temperature extremes. There are so many types of filtration applications, Epic Resins has developed and continues to develop compounds to fir the varied needs of the markets. From fungus resistant polyurethanes for pool and spa filters to high temperature resistant epoxy resins designed for aerospace market. Epic Resins can provide the solution for the filtration problem.

  • A) Separation Filters

    Chemically Resistant Polyurethane and Epoxy Compounds

    Epoxy resin and polyurethane adhesives used in filters that are required to separate contaminants from various grades of oil and gasoline, greases, and coolants must be extremely chemically resistant and maintain good adhesive qualities in the harsh environments they are exposed to. These systems will bond tightly to filter encap ensuring no fluid bypass. The products range from low viscosity polyurethanes designed for optimal wicking to epoxy resins that virtually no wicking.

    Part No System Characteristics
    Epic S7289 2 Part Epoxy S7289 is a 2 component 100% reactive epoxy adhesive designed for automotive filter applications. It is designed to bond cadmium coated steel and has good adhesion to many different metal substrates. It very good chemical resistance to most automotive fluids including coolants and lubricants.
    Epic S7381 2 Part Polyurethane S7381 is a filter adhesive designed as a high hardness polyurethane casting material for use in filter end cap applications. Its high hardness and rapid cure allow for the fast processing of chemically resistant end caps.
    Epic 0161 1 Part Epoxy This is a filled medium viscosity one component epoxy resin filter adhesive ideally suited for harsh environments that require exposure to such items as aviation fuels, Skydrol(R), gasoline and other hydraulic fluids.
    Epic S7189 2 Part Epoxy S7189 is designed for filter end cap bonding that can control wicking, excellent chemical resistance and fast cure rates. This 3:1 mix ratio by volume and non-abrasive filler of this filter adhesive is well suited for meter-mix dispense applications
    Epic S7292 2 Part Epoxy S7292 is bright white 2 component epoxy filter adhesives that will maintain its hardness at 200F. It has good chemical resistance and bonds well to most end cap materials. Used for filter aviation fuels and various filters for petroleum based oils and lubricants.
    Epic S7136 2 Part Epoxy S7136 is a 2 component epoxy potting and casting compound that is designed for applications that require low water absorption, good chemical resistance and thermal conductivity. Excellent resistance methylene chloride with no breakdown in epoxy when immersed for 1 year. It is well suited for to filter gasoline, hydraulic fluids and oils at elevated temperature.
    Epic 0172 1 Part Epoxy Epic 0172 is a 1 component epoxy for casting application that has excellent thermal shock ranging from -40C to 400F with good adhesion to most end caps.
    Epic S7452 2 Part Polyurethane S7452 is a 2 component urethane filter adhesive/sealant designed to have a 4:1 volumetric mix ratio and self levelling when mixed. Bonds well to a wide variety of substrates along with a short gel time and good resistance to bio-diesel fuel.
  • B) Pool and Spa Filters Polyurethane

    Epic Resins manufactures the most chemically resistant polyurethane potting and casting compounds for the pool and spar filter industry on the market today. It has good chemical and impact resistance with variable colours and hardness to choose from.

    Part No System Characteristics
    Epic S7254 2 Part Polyurethane S7254 is an economical polyurethane casting material designed for filter end cap manufacturing, It exhibits rapid cure for fast mold cycling that is ideal for swimming pool filter applications.
    Epic S7357 2 Part Polyurethane S7357 is a 2 component polyurethane compound designed for use in filter end caps for pool and spa filter cartridges. It has been specially treated to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. It provides fast production cycle times and rapid hardness. It can be used as self gasketing for filter end cap while offering chemical resistance to pool and spa chemicals
    Epic S7364 2 Part Polyurethane S7364 is 2 component polyurethane that is designed for pool filter end caps. It features good hydrolytic stability and chlorine resistance. It also contains biocide that prevent fungal growth.
    Epic S7433 2 Part Polyurethane S7442 is 2 component polyurethane potting/casting material designed for use in filter end cap applications. It is designed to provide superior resistance to chlorine in pool and spa filter applications.
  • C) HEPA Filters

    HEPA Polyurethane Adhesives, Gels and Potting Compounds

    Epic Resins produces many polyurethane adhesives and potting compounds designed for use in HEPA filters. These adhesives and potting compounds are designed for excellent flow as well as good adhesion. These polyurethane adhesives have the strength to withstand rough handling without cracking or tearing.

    Part No System Characteristics
    Epic S7444 2 Part Polyurethane This is a 2 component unfilled polyurethane casting material designed to provide a fast cure with low exotherm. It has low mixed viscosity and good Shore A hardness of 90.
    Epic S7445 2 Part Polyurethane S7455 is a 2 component unfilled polyurethane potting material designed to provide a fast cure with low exotherm. It has low mixed viscosity that enables good flow through the media pack. It is an excellent adhesive on wood and metal
    Epic S7446 2 Part Polyurethane S7466 is a low cost, low viscosity 2 component polyurethane potting material for end cap applications. It features fast cure time and medium hardness.