Eletronic Potting

Epic Resins’ epoxies and polyurethanes are being tested and manufactured to the most stringent requirements set by the electronics and electrical industry. Epic has the ability to analyse the issue at hand and custom build the most appropriate potting compounds to enhance the customers’ product performance. Epic’s potting compounds are in compliance of UL, ROHS & REACH standard.

  • Electronic Potting - Switches & Controllers

    Electrical Potting Compounds for Switches and Connectors

    Epic Resins has a full line of electronic potting compounds to protect switches and connectors. Epic Resins can provide the potential customers with a material that will meet the requirements.

    Part No System Characteristics
    Epic R1074/H4030-01 2 Part Epoxy This is a premium, UL 94 V-0 flame retardant potting compound that features excellent electrical properties and long working life. It has low viscosity that will flow for tight tolerance applications
    Epic 0154 1 Part Epoxy This is a 1 part low temperature cure thermally conductive potting compound for electrical components. Epic 0154 features good electrical properties minimal settling and good heat transfer.
    Epic S7356 2 Part Polyurethane This 2 part polyurethane electrical potting compound is formulated for “under the hood” environments. It passed automotive thermal shock and cycles evaluation. The 1:1 mix ratio and low viscosity makes it very accommodating to meter mix and dispense applications. Fast gel time at room temperature makes it an excellent system for small amount applications and it has low stress on sensitive components
    Epic S7317 2 Part Epoxy This 1:1 mix ratio low cost epoxy potting compound is an excellent choice for general applications. Good gloss finishing and ideal for mass production usage.

  • Electronic Potting - Coil Assemblies

    Electrical Potting Compounds for Coil Assemblies

    Epic Resins complete line of epoxy resin & polyurethane electrical potting and encapsulating compounds for coils are designed to have superior electrical insulating properties. When potting electronics, it is important to have superior resistance to environmental factors while ensuring exceptional insulation of electronic components The potting material we construct is of the highest calibre with supreme resistance to chemicals, wear, moisture and other hazards. The range of encapsulations comes in a wide range of viscosities specially designed for difficult to impregnate coil assemblies.

    Part No System Characteristics
    Epic 0156 1 Part Epoxy 100% solid epoxy resin potting compounds. Mainly used for potting and impregnation of coils, transformers and electrical items. Stable shelf life and low viscosity
    Epic R3521/H5094 2 Part Epoxy Black epoxy potting compound with low viscosity and 1:1 mix ratio. Developed for potting high voltage coils
    Epic 7214 2 Part Polyurethane This dark green PU has been designed with fast gel time and rapid hardness. It has excellent chemical resistance with high heat resistance for potting of electronic devices
    Epic S7207 2 Part Polyurethane This elastomeric PU system is designed for high temperature potting application with high dielectric strength and hardness in the mid Shore A range
    Epic S7318 2 Part Polyurethane This PU is designed for high voltage ignition coils potting with low hardness, low mixed viscosity. Good temperature resistance and very suited for under the hood automotive applications.
    Epic S7253-01 2 Part Polyurethane This black PU compound is versatile for potting sensitive electronic component like RFID tags and readers. It is fast gel and cure to medium hardness with good temperature and dielectric strength.
    Epic S7230 2 Part Epoxy 2 part epoxy resin system designed for potting and encapsulation of electrical components. It features nonabrasive fillers, 2:1 mix ratio and resistance to thermal shock
    Epic S7368 2 Part Polyurethane Low hardness and viscosity polyurethane potting compound. It is polybutadiene based urethane material useful in application requiring a long pot life.


    S7253 Series Potting Compound.pdf

  • Electronic Potting - Mircoelectronics Encapsulation

    Epoxy and Polyurethane Potting and Encapsulating Compounds for Microelectronics

    Epic Resin has formulated a host of epoxy and urethane potting and encapsulating compounds designed to be used in microelectronic applications.

    Part No System Description
    Epic S7356 2 Part Polyurethane This 2 component polyurethane is a low viscosity with 1:1 mix ratio that is formulated for automotive sensors, switches and other electrical devices for “under the hood” environments. This cured polyurethane passed automotive thermal shock and thermal cycling evaluation. It medium hardness makes it ideal for potting of sensitive electronic devices.
    Epic S7360 2 Part Polyurethane S7360 is clear 2 part polyurethane electronic potting and encapsulating compounds. It is designed with a low Shore OO hardness with good electrical properties making it an excellent replacement to silicones.
    Epic S7130 2 Part Epoxy S7130 is a 2 part epoxy potting and encapsulating compound. It is fast cure at room temperature with a 2:1 mix volume ratio and is well suited for small shot dispensing on meter mix equipment.
    Epic S7376 2 Part Polyurethane S7376 is a 2 part polyurethane potting compound is formulated for automotive sensors, switches and other electrical devices for use in “under the hood” environments. This is a 1:1 by volume mix ration makes its very accommodating to meter mix and dispense applications.
    Epic S7405 2 Part Polyurethane Epic S7405 is a 2 component polyurethane potting compound with a 1:1 volume mix ration with fast gel and cure time.

  • Electronic Potting - Sensors & Transducers

    Epoxy and Polyurethane Encapsulants for Sensors & Transducers

    Epic Resins epoxy resin and polyurethane encapsulating compounds are designed to protect the sensors and transducers from the environment. If you are manufacturing an under the hood sensor for an automotive application or sensor that must withstand a harsh chemical environment, Epic Resin will have a potting compound that meet the requirements.

    Part No System Characteristics
    Epic S7151 2 Part Epoxy General purpose epoxy resin for electrical potting/casting application. This 3:1 mix ratio has very low shrinkage with good adhesion to metal and plastic cases. Good gloss surface after curing
    Epic S7244 2 Part Epoxy This is a thermally conductive compound that transfer heat out of parts potted with it. It has ability to withstand harsh, under-the-hood automotive applications requiring a durable, chemically resistance epoxy potting compound
    Epic S7341-2 2 Part Epoxy This potting compound has low exothermic reaction and a convenient 2:1 by volume mix ratio. It has high clarity that ideal for optical and LED housing potting.
    Epic S7397-2 2 Part Epoxy It has crack resistance when exposed to harsh thermocycling of the encapsulated part. This epoxy bonds well to most metal and plastic cases. Excellent resistance to moisture infiltration when used for potting.
    Epic R1016/H5008 2 Part Epoxy This is an impact resistant potting system that has been qualified oer NAV AIR drawing 790AS743. The system has been approved especially effective for potting electronic components used in a variety of ballistic vehicles. Delicate components,e.g. glass diodes, should be coated with a resilient material such as silicone rubber to minimize stresses developed during curing.

    Epic S7397 Potting Compound-03.pdf

  • Electronic Potting - Thermally Conductive Encapsulant

    Thermally Conductive Epoxy Potting Compounds

    Epic Resin manufactures various thermally conductive potting and encapsulating compounds to meet electrical insulation needs especially for manufacturing of relays, capacitors or resistors. Epic Resin can custom build thermally conductive potting compounds to meet customers’ requirements.

    Part No System Characteristics
    Epic 0154 1 Part Epoxy Epic 0154 is a 1 part low temperature heat cure epoxy, thermally conductive potting compounds for electrical components. It has good electrical properties, minimal settling characteristics with good heat transfer. Good shelf life stability.
    Epic R1009/H5017 2 Part Epoxy This is a 2 part filled, high viscosity, thermally conductive epoxy resin. It can be used with dispensing equipment or manual batch processing. This system is ideal for potting of capacitors, diodes, resistors and torch heads.
    Epic 0126 1 Part Epoxy Epic 0126 is a thermally conductive potting components for electrical components with good electrical properties. It has minimal settling characteristics and good heat transfer. Used in applications, like coils, relay and electronic encapsulation.
    Epic S7076 2 Part Epoxy This is a 2 part, 100% reactive, electrically conductive epoxy compound. It has been designed as cushioning compound to act as an interface between metal pole piece and rigid epoxy on an electrical bushing, It most wells to metals and highly viscous.
    Epic S7133 2 Part Epoxy Epic 7133 is a general purpose 2 part thermally conductive room temperature cure epoxy. It has been designed with a convenient 1:1 mix ratio by weight or volume using less abrasive fillers.
    Epic S7188-02 2 Part Epoxy Epic S7188-02 is a 2 part filled potting and casting epoxy compound with UL 94V-0 approval. It is low in mixed viscosity and very low shrinkage after curing.
    Epic R1015/H5005 2 Part Epoxy This is a 2 part filled potting and casting epoxy compound for a variety of electronic applications. It has minimal settling and will not cause stress after curing. Ideal for heat sensitive and electronic packages.
    Epic R1000-01/H5000-01 2 Part Epoxy This is a filled high viscosity modified epoxy resin. The resin is stabilized to allow for dispensing equipment and manual batch processing. It has been widely used for applications such as capacitors, resistors, diodes and torch heads.
    Epic S7397-01 2 Part Epoxy This is a 2 part UL 94-VO approved electronic grade potting epoxy. It is designed with 1:1 mix ratio by volume or weight with a long gel time and slow cure, It is non blushing and making it appealing aesthetically.

  • Electronic Potting - Transformers & Power Supplies

    Transformers & Power Supplies

    Epic Resin manufactures a full line of formulated epoxy resins systems for use in transformers and power supply applications. All these range of epoxies and tested to UL recognition for transformer encapsulation purpose.

    Part No System Characteristics
    Epic TC0118 Series 2 Part Epoxy TC 0118 series of UL recognized thermally conductive epoxy varnishes come in a variety of viscosities designed to yield the various thickness depending on application requirements. It can be used as potting, dipping or coating application and fall under UL File No: OBJS2.E123927
    Epic S7174-01 2 Part Epoxy This 2 part epoxy is a fire resistant, filled electrical potting and casting system. It features a low mixed viscosity, convenient mix ratio and low shrinkage. Well suited for high voltage power supplier requiring good thermal conductivity with UL 94 V-0 rating.
    Epic R1055/H5083 2 Part Epoxy This is a vacuum grade modified epoxy electrical potting system that us formulated to achieve penetration of tightly wound elect
    Epic S7219 2 Part Epoxy Clear potting epoxy that is designed for encapsulation of small transformers. This epoxy features low viscosity and long pot life to provide air bubble-free castings.
    Epic S7157 2 Part Epoxy General purpose filled potting/casting epoxy system with 100:30 mix ratio. Its non-abrasive filler makes it well suited for most meter mix dispense systems. The standard colour is neutral
    Epic S7195 2 Part Epoxy General purpose filled epoxy casting system with 2:1 mix ratio by volume. The mixed colour is green

  • Electronics Potting - Electronic Control Modules

    Electronic Control Module Potting & Encapsulation Compounds

    Epic Resins has a full line of electronic potting compounds to protect the Electronic Control Module (ECM) from the elements. These 2 part epoxy and polyurethane encapsulants have good thermal shock and vibration resistance with good harsh chemical resistance as well.

    Part No System Description
    Epic S7310 2 Part Polyurethane This is a black urethane potting compound that has low viscosity, 1:1 mix ratio and good durometer stability after cure. It has good operating temperature of -55 to 125C.
    Epic S7351 2 Part Polybutadiene This 2 part room temperature cure polybutadiene based polyurethane potting compound was formulate for electronic marine modules and ECM. Due to its low hardness and flexibility, it will not exert stress on delicate SMDs. It has high temperature resistance up to 125C with good chemical resistance
    Epic S7285 2 Part Polyurethane This 2 part polyurethane potting compound is ideal for ECM encapsulation due to its low mixed viscosity that allows good flow to intricate places within the electronic device. It has low shore hardness that provides excellent flexibility when used on sensitive SMDs. It meets UL VO specifications with thermal shock and cycling resistance. This system has extremely low weight loss of 0.24% at 130C x 168 hours
    Epic S7391 2 Part Polyurethane – Gel Type This is a gel like 2 part polyurethane low viscosity potting compound. It is suitable to replace the more expensive silicone compound that is deal for potting sensitive electrical components.
    Epic S7325 2 Part Polyurethane – Aromatic This is a low hardness aromatic urethane potting compound. It has been designed with a 1:1 mix ratio that also can be reworked if needed to. It is particularly suitable for under the hood applications.
    Epic 7302 2 Part Polyurethane This is a tough and medium durometer polyurethane potting material. It has operating temperature of 110 to 120C and adheres to most thermoplastic without the need of surface preparation. Good thermal shock and vibration resistance compound.
    Epic S7287 2 Part Polyurethane This is a low cost 2 part polyurethane potting compound that is used for electrical and electronic encapsulation applications. It has low viscosity that allows to flow through intricate and tight tolerance components.