Epic Resins Company

Epic Resins based in Palmyra Chicago, USA was founded in 1958. Over the past 50 years it has earned an international reputation as a leading formulator, manufacturer and service-oriented supplier of epoxy resin & polyurethane for use in the electronics potting, LED encapsulants and solar panel applications.

Epic Resins electrical potting compounds are based on one and two-component epoxy resin and two-component polyurethane resin chemistries. They are solvent-free liquids, 100% solids formulated epoxy and polyurethane resin compounds. Epic Resins potting compounds are designed to efficiently fixture and encapsulate electronic components, while also protecting them from adverse environmental, mechanical, thermal and electrical stresses. The electronic potting compounds also provide excellent electrical insulation to extend product life cycles and enhance the performance of potted electrical and electronic devices.

With its growing presence globally, Epic Resins has positioned itself strongly in the Asia Pacific region particularly in South East Asia to tap on the booming manufacturing sectors where requirements for potting and encapsuluation are in great demand. Vitrochem Technology with its strong partnership with Epic Resins had over the last decade saw our business volume grew exponentially and gaining strong recognition by major electronic OEM manufacturers. Vitrochem Technology has built a logistic hub for Epic Resins in Singapore for the sole purpose of serving the regional customers in South East Asia on “localisation” program.