Araldite® 2000 Plus

The Araldite® 2000 Plus range comprises adhesives spanning epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylate chemistries. The range includes load-bearing adhesives for bonding metals and composites, resilient and flexible adhesives for bonding thermoplastics and combinations of metals, slow cure adhesives for large area application, adhesives designed to give results in minutes, adhesives that are resistant to high temperatures or chemicals, paste adhesives for gap-filling or vertical applications, transparent adhesives for glass bonding and rapid cure multipurpose adhesives. These ranges of structural adhesives are adopted by the electronics assemblers, marine, aerospace, construction and the general industries for its high strength bonding and ease of application.

Araldite 2000 PLUS range:

  • Proven adhesive technology with over 20 years of industry experience
  • The ability to satisfy the majority of bonding needs of industrial manufacturing and assembly in a single range
  • Convenience of use with easy-to-use small packs and cartridges
  • Industry leading technical support

The Araldite 2000 PLUS range offers high performance and durable long term bonding. It recognises the diverse adhesive needs of industry with its broad range of handling and cure times and the ability to bond a wide range of substrates including metals, composites and plastics. The range also caters for particular requirements including heat and chemical resistance and provides a wide range of viscosities to address diverse manufacturing processes.

  • Araldite 2000 PLUS

    Grade Type Description
    Araldite 2010-1 Epoxy Fast curing, toughened, high shear and peel strength
    Araldite 2011 Epoxy Multi purpose, long working life, good resistance to dynamic loading
    Aradite 2012 Epoxy Fast curing, multi purpose, bonds a wide variety of materials
    Araldite 2013 Epoxy Gap filling to 5 mm, metal coloured, suitable for vertical applications, resists chemicals
    Araldite 2014-1 Epoxy High temperature resistance (until 120°C), water and chemical resistance, gap filling, grey paste
    Araldite 2015 Epoxy Gap filling to 10 mm, toughened paste, ideal for GRP, SMC
    Araldite 2018 Polyurethane Two component PU adhesive system, ideal for bonding thermoplastics, good UV stability, flexible
    Araldite 2020 Epoxy Optically clear casting epoxy for encapsulation of components for visual inspection
    Araldite 2028 Polyurethane Two component cold cure water clear PU adhesive that is fast curing and UV stable. Bonds well to a wide variety of plastics and metals
    Araldite 2029 Polyurethane Gap filling with medium open time and high adhesion strength on metals like copper and brass
    Araldite 2040 Polyurethane Two component flexible polyurethane adhesive, ideal for bonding plastics, Low shrinkage, gap filling, ideal for thick bond lines
    Araldite 2041-1 Polyurethane Two component high strength black polyurethane adhesive, highly flexible system especially formulated for bonding plastics like ABS, PC with minimal surface preparation.
    Araldite 2055 Polyurethane Two component gap filling polyurethane adhesive, long open time, Resists weathering and humidity, low shrinkage, Suitable for bonding a variety of metal and plastic substrates, gap filling
    Araldite 2021 Methyl Methacrylate Rapid cure, multi purpose, high peel strength
    Araldite 2022 Methyl Methacrylate Excellent resistance to petrol and oils, methacrylate adhesive for fast assembly operations on a wide range of substrates including those which can be difficult to bond
    Araldite 2047-1 Methyl Methacrylate Good gap filling ability. Bonds well to most metals and plastics with minimal surface preparation. Excellent bonding strength.
    Araldite 2048 Methyl Methacrylate This red coloured methacylate adhesive is a fast setting flexible system that bonds exceptionally well to plastic, metals and composites
    Araldite 2052 Methyl Methacrylate Methacrylate adhesive, Very high temperature resistance (until 200°C), Excellent chemical resistance, Thixotropic paste, fast curing, Good adhesion even without particular pre-treatment