Vitrochem has been in partnership with Huntsman – Advanced Materials in the distribution for the range of Araldite® Advanced Materials like 2000+ Adhesives, Tooling & Composite Resin System, Marine & Aerospace Adhesive and Electronic Insulation Compounds for the Singapore, Malaysia and Batam markets.

With over seventy years’ experience, Araldite has been a pioneer in high performance adhesive technology. Stringent requirements in industry are met thanks to formulation expertise in various chemistries among which epoxies, polyurethanes, methacrylates or phenolics are the major ones.

Whenever long open times for large area applications, fast-curing adhesives for early removal from fixtures and rapid through-put, resistance to high temperature, water and chemicals, thixotropic for gap-filling or vertical applications, toughness and impact-resistance or elasticity to cope with different thermal expansions when bonding larger structures of dissimilar materials are needed, many customers have been relying on Araldite product capabilities.

Huntsman Advanced Materials has always pushed the boundaries of its products, and it soon became one of the leading suppliers to the motorcar and aeronautics industries. Far from resting on its laurels, the company’s engineers have made innovation a key word, which has enabled Araldite to remain at the forefront of its field on a constant basis.

Today, thousands of companies around the world use Araldite adhesives in key markets such as aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics, marine, railway and sports equipment.