TAFTGRIP – MS Polymer Adhesive



If you are looking for a high strength, seal, flexible and versatile in bonding a wide variety of substrates type of adhesive. Search no further.

MightyLoc – Taftgrip is a 1 part room temperature cure Modified Silane (MS Polymer) adhesive that is developed for bonding most known substrates in the industry strongly with minimal surface preparation. This adhesive can be applied under the water line and has good green strength for vertical surface application.

This versatile adhesive comes in a convenient packaging in 300CC caulking cartridge that can be applied with a caulking gun. 

We would like to extend a free cartridge for your trial purpose if you find Taftgrip is able to meet your application requirement. Please contact us for the sample arrangement. 

Epic Resin S7511 – 2 Part Polyurethane Adhesive

Epic Resin has designed a high strength bonding polyurethane based adhesive that can be used for bonding a wide variety of materials.

This is a convenient 1:1 mix ratio (by volume) PU adhesive that has good shear strength for stringent bonding applications. This product comes in a variety of viscosity, gel time and packaging but the final bonding strength will be of the same results.

Attached below is the technical bulletin of Epic S7511 for your reference. We will be glad to answer any technical queries pertaining to applications when considering to use this adhesive.

Epic S7511 (Polyurethane Bonding Adhesive)


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Epic Resin

Epic Resins specialises in custom formulating adhesives, varnishes and potting and encapsulating compounds to meet our customer’s specific product and process needs. Epic Resin’s UL file, file number E55516, contains over 40 different UL rated epoxies and polyurethanes to fit your specific application requirements. Our knowledgeable Technical Sales staff will assist you in finding the correct product to fit your needs.

UL Approved Compounds



New Product Introduction

Vitrobond EPH 216-1

Vitrobond EPH 216-1 is a 2 part toughened epoxy that is developed for the purpose of bonding polyester mesh to metal frame or metal stencil to metal frame. This fast setting  room temperature cure epoxy will allow the users increase their production yield without compromising on the final adhesion strength.

This epoxy has excellent resistance to most cleaning agents used in the PCB industry and will not disintegrate will soak in mild cleaning chemicals. Its high shear strength makes it a very suitable epoxy adhesive for use in the stencil fabrication that demands for high bonding tension before and after clamping.

If this epoxy is what you are looking for your stencil application, then please feel free to contact us for further discussion.