Metal Fabrication & Signage

The adoption of adhesive and sealant from the metal fabrication and signage industry has been increasing due to its ease of application and structural strength it can provide as compared to conventional fasteners and riveting without compromising on the safety and the integrity of the bonding on different substrates.

Vitrochem Technology has been able to play a crucial in supporting the metal and signage industries by offering a good range of high quality structural epoxies, methacrylate, sealants and foam tapes from this demanding industry. Most of the adhesives and sealants we offer can bond exceptionally well to steel, metal, wood, engineering plastics, glass, composite and fiber glass.

  • 1. Araldite 2000+ – Structural Epoxy

    • Fast to Medium Setting Time
    • High Bonding Strength
    • Bonds to Most Substrates
    • Excellent Weather & Chemical Resistance
    Grade Type Description
    Araldite 2011 Epoxy Multi purpose, long working life, good resistance to dynamic loading
    Aradite 2012 Epoxy Fast curing, multi purpose, bonds a wide variety of materials
    Araldite 2014-1 Epoxy High temperature resistance (until 120°C), water and chemical resistance, gap filling, grey paste
    Araldite 2015 Epoxy Gap filling to 10 mm, toughened paste, ideal for GRP, SMC
    Araldite 2028 Polyurethane Two component cold cure water clear PU adhesive that is fast curing and UV stable. Bonds well to a wide variety of plastics and metals
    Araldite 2021 Methyl Methacrylate Rapid cure, multi purpose, high peel strength
    Araldite 2022 Methyl Methacrylate Excellent resistance to petrol and oils, methacrylate adhesive for fast assembly operations on a wide range of substrates including those which can be difficult to bond
  • 2. AFT – Structural Acrylic Foam Tapes

    • Closed Cell Foam Tape & Impervious
    • High Bonding Strength to Most Metals & Certain Plastics
    • Excellent Heat & Cold Resistance
    • High Optical Clarity (VST Clear Tape)

    1. White Foam Series

    Product No. Thickness w/o Liner (mm) Liner
    AFT 5325W 0.25 Paper
    AFT 5340W 0.40 Paper
    AFT 5364W 0.64 Paper
    AFT 5311W 1.10 Red PE
    AFT 5200W 2.00 Red PE

    2. Grey Foam Series

    Product No. Thickness w/o Liner (mm) Liner
    AFT 80G-RL 0.80 Red PE
    AFT 120G-RL 1.2 Red PE

    3. Clear Foam Series

    Product No. Thickness w/o Liner (mm) Liner
    AFT 4025C 0.25 Red PE
    AFT 4050C 0.50 Red PE
    AFT 4100C 1.00 Red PE
    AFT 4150C 1.50 Red PE
    AFT 100C 1.00 Red PE
  • 3. Vitrobond Mighty Loc 9025 – 2 Part Methacrylate Adhesive

    • High Bonding Strength To Most Metal Substrates
    • Fast Setting Time (less than 4 minutes)
    • Good Weather & Cyclical Temperature Resistance
    • Good Chemical Resistance
    • Low Cost
    • Tested By PSB/TUV Singapore
    Item Type Mix Ratio Mixed Viscosity Gel Time Fixture Time Full Cure Strength
    Mightyloc 9025 Methacrylate 1:1 3000 – 5000 cps 3-5 Minutes 15 Minutes 12-24 Hours >100Kgf/cm2