Die Attach Epoxy

Vitrochem Technology One part snap cure electrically conductive epoxy is ideal for chip and die attach application. This silver based conductive epoxy has good bonding strength for semiconductor chip and components to printed circuit boards and it has excellent electrical properties when fully cured. Our silver epoxies are being used typically in the seminconductor, PCB assembly, and devices where electrical and thermal conductivity are required for performance.


  • Snap Cure
  • Low Stress
  • No Silver Migration
  • High Glass Transition Temperature
  • Die Attach

    Item Description
    Vitrobond AG 806-2
    • 1 Part heat cure
    • Low stress
    • Snap cure
    • No silver migration
    Vitrobond AG 8201
    • 2 Part room temperature cure
    • Low resistivity
    • Good bonding strength
    • Easy handling
    Timtronics 897M-2
    • 1 Part heat cure
    • Pure silver
    • Low ionic content
    • Excellent electrical conductivity
    • Fast cure
    Timtronics 830M-1
    • 2 part room temperature cure
    • Easy handling with 1:1 mix ratio
    • Good electrical conductivity
    • Low ionic content