Araldite® – Electrical Insulation Materials

With the increase demand for better insulation against extreme conditions, dielectric properties and thermal cycling from the electronic industry. Huntsman Advanced Materials, has developed innovative solutions that are used during virtually every stage in the production of printed circuit boards and electronic devices.

The know-how and expertise allow Huntsman to develop epoxy and polyurethane systems that answer the most stringent requirements for electronics applications that are widely used for potting and encapsulation purpose.

The typical properties for 2 Part Epoxy, Polyurethane and Thermoplastic hot melt encapsulation adhesives from Araldite would include:

  • high thermal resistance and thermal conductivity
  • Flame retardancy. UL approved
  • Excellent mechanical and dielectric properties
  • Variety of hardness and flexibility
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low moisture and water absorption

Typical Applications for Potting and Encapsulation

  1. Automotive ignition coils and sensors
  2. RFID & telecommunication devices
  3. Electrical transformers
  4. Battery chargers
  5. Torroids and Inductors
  6. Electronic Control Units (ECU)
  7. Solar Micro-Inverter & Junction Box