Acrylic Foam Tape (AFT)


Structural Acrylic Foam Tapes

Very strong and durable acrylic foam tapes for the major assembly industries.

Vitrochem Technology through its collaboration with some of the established adhesive tape manufacturers produces a wide range of double sided acrylic foam tapes that are structural in bonding strength and durable in extreme weather conditions. These closed cell acrylic foam tapes can be used to replace mechanical fastener, riveting or spot welding due to its high shear strength and its ability to withstand vibration, heavy stress load and resistance to hot and cold environment.

Over the last 12 years our acrylic foam tapes have been well received and approved by the Automotive, Electronics & Electrical, Solar PV, Signage and Construction industries in Singapore and in South East Asia region. This is due to the good bonding reliability and ease of use as compared to regular double sided foam tapes.

AFT acrylic foam tapes are supplied in thickness ranging from 0.25mm to 2mm and available in different slit sizes to fit any specific dimension requirements.

AFT acrylic foam tapes are available in the following colours and thickness for  selection.

  • 1. White Foam Series

    Product No. Thickness
    w/o Liner (mm)
    AFT 5325W 0.25 Paper
    AFT 5340W 0.40 Paper
    AFT 5364W 0.64 Paper
    AFT 5311W 1.10 Red PE
    AFT 5200W 2.00 Red PE
  • 2. Grey Foam Series

    Product No. Thickness
    w/o Liner (mm)
    AFT 80G-RL 0.80 Red PE
    AFT 120G-RL 1.2 Red PE
  • 3. Clear Foam Series

    Product No. Thickness
    w/o Liner (mm)
    AFT 4025C 0.25 Red PE
    AFT 4050C 0.50 Red PE
    AFT 4100C 1.00 Red PE
    AFT 4150C 1.50 Red PE
    AFT 100C 1.00 Red PE