AralditeAraldite® 2000 PLUS is a new portfolio of structural adhesives optimised to help industrial engineers around the world bring complex plastic-and metal-based design projects to life.

Epic Resin

Epic Resins electrical potting compounds are based on one and two-component epoxy resin and two-component polyurethane resin chemistries.


CartellChemical Company manufactures a wide spectrum of cyanoacrylates and primers to meet different substrates bonding requirement.


Mighyloc 9025 is a 2 part methacrylate, fast set and fast cure adhesive developed for the purpose of bonding metal to metal with very high shear strength exceeding 100 Kgf/cm.


Parson Adhesive is a research based adhesive manufacturer with wide range of products suitable of every industry.


Timtronicsis an advanced, present-day innovator of Thermal Interface Materials. We have established strong partnership with
Timtronics Corporation.


VitrochemTechnology has been in the forefront of developing a wide variety of high quality electronic grade epoxy resins targeting specifically at the electronic & electrical manufacturing.

AFT Tape

VST produces a wide range of double sided acrylic foam tapes that are structural in bonding strength and durable in extreme weather condition.