Vitrochem Technology through its partnership with Huntsman Advanced Materials is providing one stop solution for all the various types of structural adhesives and sealants for aerospace & aviation companies that are based in this region.


We have been providing a range of high quality and cost effective structural epoxies and silicone sealing compounds that are being used in the construction industry for its reliability performance.


Vitrochem Technology 1 part heat cure epoxies are specially formulated for glob top encapsulation for the semiconductor chips and Chip-On-Board (COB) application for printed circuit boards.

Metal & Signage 

Most of the adhesives and sealants we offer can bond exceptionally well to steel, metal, wood, engineering plastics, glass, composite and fiber glass.


We have the relevant experience to support the bus and coach builders, automotive, truck assemblers and mass rapid transit with our range of bonding solutions.

LED & Solar 

Our company has been in the forefront of providing the LED & Solar companies in the region with high clarity, non-yellowing, thermal and chemical resistance potting compounds for encapsulation purpose.


We have been involved in the filter business since year 2000 with the success of our 2 part polyurethane material used for the potting and sealing of clean room HEPA filters. Through our partnership with Epic Resin, we have expanded our filters business horizon from HEPA to home appliance vacuum