Electronics Industry

Over the last 10 years our R&D team has developed a wide range of 1 & 2 part electronic grade epoxies targeting at the electronic assembly industry in the South East Asia region. Our strength lies in our ability to custom made and formulate very specific products that meet customers’ requirements that enhanced the overall value of our customers’ production and costing needs.

We have more than 50 epoxies formulation in our product offerings and most of it came from custom formulation and are now available commercially for the industry due to the materials superior performance and reliability. Be it for encapsulation, SMT, potting or semiconductor die attach, our epoxy and urethane adhesives are constantly being sought after by the design and manufacturing engineers for the bonding and electrical insulation application.

COB & Glob Top Encapsulation

Vitrochem Technology 1 part heat cure epoxies are specially formulated for glob top encapsulation for the semiconductor chips and Chip-On-Board (COB) application for printed circuit boards. These epoxies are formulated to be of moisture resistance, good temperature resistance, electrically insulated and excellent thermal coefficient of expansion between different substrates.


Die Attach Epoxy

Vitrochem Technology One part snap cure electrically conductive epoxy is ideal for chip and die attach application. This silver based conductive epoxy has good bonding strength for semiconductor chip and components to printed circuit boards and it has excellent electrical properties when fully cured. Our silver epoxies are being used typically in the seminconductor, PCB assembly, and devices where electrical and thermal conductivity are required for performance.


Potting & Encapsulation

Vitrochem Technology has a good variety of encapsulation and potting compounds that could easily surpass the stringent requirements by the electronic companies for insulation, thermal and conductivity reliability. Our range of epoxy, polyurethane and silicone systems are engineered to meet the specifications set and it is designed to suit both manual mixing as well automatic meter mixing. These encapsulation compounds are tested extensively to meet the electrical, thermal, mechanical properties of the industry standard.