Construction Industry

With the rapid growth of the construction segment in this region, the demand for structural adhesives and sealants also grow in tandem. We have been providing a range of high quality and cost effective structural epoxies and silicone sealing compounds that are being used in the construction industry for its reliability performance. Our commitment to the quality of our products is matched only by our dedication to continuously improving our customer service and technical support, and to providing added value solutions that meet the stringent requirements of the construction market.

  • Concrete Reinforcement
    • To reinforcement concrete especially highway bridges
    • Concrete surface protection and repair
  • Grouting
    • For crack injection
    • For heavy machineries base
    • For sealing and repair of concrete wall
  • Structural Bonding
    • Concrete segments bonding
    • Stone & marbles panels bonding on building facade
    • GRP/GRE pipes bonding
    • GRP bridges/bridgedecks
    • Rigid bonding
  • Chemical Anchoring
    • Bonding of rebar and anchoring devices to concrete structure.
  • Araldite Range of Construction Adhesives

    Product Mix Ratio (pbw) Appearance Pot Life (100g x 25°C) Application
    XH 111 Normal A/B 100:50 Grey Paste 40 Minutes Concrete Segment Bonding
    XH 111 Normal A/B and XH 7307 A/B 100:50 Grey Paste 25 Minutes Steel Plate Bonding and Steel Plate Injection
    XH 111-1 Fast A/B 100:50 Grey Paste 15 Minutes Curtain Wall Bonding and Concrete Repairs
    XH 130 A/B 100:30 Grey Liquid 85 Minutes For Concrete Repair and Bonding
    XH 160 A/B 100:30 Clear Liquid 40 Minutes Repair concrete cracks and sealing porous walls and floors
    XH 180 A/B 100:25 Blue Liquid 110 Minutes For Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
    KIT 680 Dual Cartridge Cartridge Grey Paste 9-11 Minutes Epoxy for Anchor Grouting System