COB & Glob Top Encapsulation

Vitrochem Technology 1 part heat cure epoxies are specially formulated for glob top encapsulation for the semiconductor chips and Chip-On-Board (COB) application for printed circuit boards. These epoxies are formulated to be of moisture resistance, good temperature resistance, electrically insulated and excellent thermal coefficient of expansion between different substrates.

Benefits of Vitrobond COB Epoxy

  • Fast Cure
  • Low Stress & Thermal Coefficient of Expansion
  • Low Moisture Absorption
  • Low Cost
  • Product


    Item Description
    Vitrobond EC 108
    • Thixotropic & high viscosity
    • Low after cure shrinkage
    • High TG
    • Excellent pot life
    Vitrobond EN 480
    • Thick paste
    • Excellent thermal resistance
    • Good TG
    • Long pot life
    Vitrobond EN 484
    • Black paste
    • Good dielectric properties
    • Bonds well to most metals & plastics
    • High TG
    Vitrobond EN 640-T5
    • High viscosity
    • Excellent thermal shock resistance
    • Low ionic contents
    • Long pot life
    Vitrobond EC 401
    • Excellent bonding to most metals, including ceramic
    • Long pot life
    • Good thermal and chemical resistance
    Vitrobond EC 465
    • Low viscosity
    • Good moisture & chemical resistance
    • Excellent heat transfer